Robert Appleton

Adventures in Science Fiction

In the world of Steampunk...

The Mysterious Lady Law


Prehistoric Clock

(The Steam Clock Legacy Book 1)

A Tale of Two Sisters

(The Steam Clock Legacy Book 2)

Yuletide Miracle

(The Steam Clock Legacy Book 3)

Science Fiction from the Cosmic Frontiers Universe...

Star Binder

Sparks in Cosmic Dust


The Elemental Crossing

(The Eleven Hour Fall Book 2)


Alien Safari

Alien Velocity


Kate of Kratos

(The Eleven Hour Fall Book 3)



Cyber Sparks



Science Fiction...


Pyro Canyon

The Eleven Hour Fall

(The Eleven Hour Fall Book 1)

The Basingstoke Chronicles


The Mythmakers

(Currently Out of Print)

The Little Shop of Wonders Fantasy Collection...
Historical Fiction

Sunset on Ramree: History's Deadliest Crocodile Attack

Short Stories and Anthologies

Tooth & Claw

(A Steam Clock Legacy Short)

Carina Press Presents:

Editor's Choice Vol. 2

Cosmic Frontiers Vol. 1

Impulse Power (Paperback)

Includes The Mythmakers