Robert Appleton

Adventures in Science Fiction

A Tale of Two Sisters

Steampunk/ Mystery/ Romance

Released: 2013

Length: Novel (94,000) words

Available Formats: Ebook (Amazon Kindle),

Paperback (Out of Print, Reissue Coming Soon)

Well-developed characters in a carefully crafted steampunkish alternate world. An enjoyable read.

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Also in The Steam Clock Legacy...

It was nice to see the characters…both main and satellite…develop into full-fledged, interesting people. I would recommend this book for anyone's reading pleasure.

Ron Mac -- NW Steam Gazette

The Steam Clock Legacy

Book 2

Mystery and romance combine to spark an all-new adventure in the Age of Steam.

In a world where fleets of airships roam the skies and great towers of scientific learning pierce the clouds, the problems of two teenage sisters in Southsea, England will hardly make the headlines. After all, fending off suitors and going to bat for their family name won't exactly shake the empire to its roots. Right?


Meet the McEwans. First names Meredith and Sonja. One collects admirers, dispenses bad advice (and usually takes her own). The other's a bit of a tomboy, likes tennis and swings a mean forehand. They've only ever relied on each other; having a notorious explorer for a father has made them social pariahs. But these sheltered siblings are coming of age, and they aim to make a big impression.

While investigating the identity of a spy sent to watch her father, Meredith stumbles upon the existence of a powerful secret society in London. Despite the threats to her life, she is determined to infiltrate the sinister Atlas Club. Meanwhile, Sonja's budding romance with one of her schoolteachers turns both their worlds upside down. The still-unsolved mystery of Professor Reardon's time jump looms large over London, but the answer might be closer than they think, in the form of an unlikely new ally--a boy who doesn't quite belong...

They might not have much experience with love or espionage, but, like always, it's all or nothing for the McEwans. Win or fail, they're going to stir things up in the age of steam, and one way or another, everything's about to change.