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Adventures in Science Fiction

A Bit About Me...

A native of Bolton, England, I'm an award-winning author of science fiction, steampunk, and historical fiction. My publishers have included Harlequin Carina Press, Samhain, and various others. I've also ghostwritten more stories than I can count, in more genres than I can remember. In my free time I hike, ride my bike, and kayak whenever I can. My favourite books and movies, like my own fiction, usually take place in the distant past or the far future. The night sky is my inspiration.

I'm also an avid cinemagoer and a big fan of 3-D. Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone are my fave directors. Tom Cruise and Amy Adams rock the acting world. On TV, The West Wing is light years ahead of pretty much everything else, but I'm also a fan of Penny Dreadful, Stranger Things, Dexter, Boston Legal, Battlestar Galactica, and Deadwood.

My favourite writers include H. Rider Haggard, Stephen King, Jules Verne, Patrick O'Brian, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Richard Matheson, Ian Fleming, Evelyn Waugh, and Arthur C. Clarke.

I always enjoy hearing from my amazing readers.

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