Robert Appleton

Adventures in Science Fiction



Science Fiction/ Action/ Adventure

Release Date: March 2013

Length: Novella (20,000 words)

Available Formats: Ebook (Kindle)

Fun, fast-paced novella set in the same universe as the author's "Sparks in Cosmic Dust". Entertaining read, finished in one night (though stayed up much later than I intended, that's what I get for reading before bed!)

J.L. Hilton, Author of Stellarnet Rebel


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Fast-paced, non-stop action, full of danger, thrills, and adrenaline.

Diane Dooley, Author of Blue Galaxy



Alone. Double-crossed. Pursued across thousands of miles of alien desert on his beloved hoverbike, Finnegan is holding onto two things dearer than life itself: the priceless biotech prize he's stolen, and the opportunity for revenge against the treacherous employer who left him for dead. He's never met her, but he knows all about her family, the most ruthless criminal syndicate of the inner colonies.

But when he finds a beautiful stranded woman badly wounded in the middle of nowhere, claiming to be Lori Malesseur, his employer, he has to make a choice. Either take her across the border and accept her offer of a huge reward, or leave her for dead. She claims she was on her way to warn him when she was ambushed and shot. But can she really be who she says she is?

Trusting one's enemy is not something either of them knows how to do, but when the stakes are this high, going it alone might not be an option. The race for survival is on in this high-octane action adventure that puts the pedal to the metal and doesn't look back

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