Robert Appleton

Adventures in Science Fiction

Cyber Sparks


Science Fiction/ Mystery/ Adventure

Release Date: August 2012

Length: Novella (32,000 words)

Editor: Deborah Nemeth

Cover Artist: Frauke Spanuth

Available Formats: Ebook (All Platforms)

A Cosmic Frontiers Novella

My name is Allegra, and this is the story of my last days on Earth...

Unlike my sparsely populated home, on Earth everything and everyone is plugged in. As a blacklisted model who needs to reboot my career, I can no longer resist the ultimate in virtual-reality networking: the omnipod. At first, altering the sights, sounds and scents around me seems harmless. Then I hear the voice.

Do not adjust your headset. You are in danger...

He says I must help him warn the public about the perils of the omnipod. I think he's just a hacker--until innocent people start dying, and the police want to hold me responsible. Now, I'm on the run in a stolen shuttle, trying to figure out why he needs me. And if I don't do as he says, he'll kill the woman I love.

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