Robert Appleton

Adventures in Science Fiction

The Elemental Crossing


Science Fiction/ Adventure/ Romance

Original Release Date: 2008

Length: Novella (23,000 words)

Available Formats: Ebook (All Platforms),

Paperback (Trilogy Only)


In addition to more dangers and adventures, the second book is more contemplative: addressing the reactions and motivations of man and woman when life comes down to the very basics of surviving all alone. YOU NEED TO READ.

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Also in The Eleven Hour Fall Trilogy...

The second book in this fascinating sci-fi thriller series is as good as the first. 5/5

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The Eleven Hour Fall

Book Two

The Elemental Crossing

After their hard-won escape from the perils of the desert, Kate and Jason are faced with their most difficult challenge yet on Kratos - crossing a vast ocean on just an improvised raft. Their relationship grows as hope dwindles. Procuring food, water, and a safe course across stretches their survival expertise to its limits. Despite help from an unexpected ally, what lurks beneath the surface of this alien sea?

Intimate character reflections weave through the epic scale of this second instalment in the thrilling romantic survival series.

Newly revised edition. Followed by Book 3, Kate of Kratos.
Excellent worldbuilding and vivid unusual descriptions. The world and the mystery deepens.

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What an incredible imagination to create a world that is so different, fascinating and so descriptive. The Elemental Crossing is just such a creation from pure imagination. This is a short novella and it sucked you into a world beyond anything you’ve ever known.

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