Robert Appleton

Adventures in Science Fiction

Yuletide Miracle


Steampunk/ Mystery/ Christmas

Released: 2013

Length: Novella (27,000 words)

Available Formats: Ebook (Kindle),


Excellent ending to the trilogy. It was rather surprising in fact.

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Also in The Steam Clock Legacy...

“Yuletide Miracle” by Robert Appleton is as fine an example of the Steampunk genre as you’ll find anywhere.

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The Steam Clock Legacy

Book 3

By day, London’s Steam Emporium is both a bustling Christmas market and an all-ages toyshop full of technological marvels. By night, its volunteers assemble—a ragtag community of wounded servicemen and women—under the tallest Christmas tree in England. They are the empire’s forgotten heroes, fallen on hard times.

But this year they have an exciting addition: old Red Mulqueen, newly arrived from abroad, has fighting spirit and the most extraordinary clockwork leg. He is here on a mysterious mission, and is wanted by the Leviacrum, Britain’s tyrannical authority. 

Red’s plans take a turn, however, when he saves the life of a feisty young schoolboy, Edmond Reardon, and becomes the object of the lad’s incorrigible curiosity. They strike up a touching friendship. But when danger descends on the emporium, Red, Edmond and their veteran friends must band together to fight for what really matters at Christmas—each other.